We offer practice-oriented training for maintenance and other users of hydraulics and tires - including vocational school students. Our training courses differ significantly from the current offer of competing companies in the Czech Republic.

We prefer quality to the quantity of the subject matter. The individual thematic units are always properly trained on many different training aids.

Participants continuously check whether they understand the given substance and can use the knowledge in practical exercises. Finally, each participant will pass a final test that gives feedback on the effectiveness of the training.

  • Above standard equipment
    The center is excellently equipped with trainers and training aids to understand perfectly the design and operation of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical elements and to practice functional circuits in practice. Participants will work on hydraulic and pneumatic trainers to simulate the operation of practiced functional circuits. Last but not least, in higher levels of training, they will work with computer technology and software to create circuit diagrams and program selected elements.
  • Mobile simulator
    The CHVALIS training center also has a mobile trainer for basic hydraulics and tire courses, which allows for on-site training. On the simulator we not only assemble the basic circuits, but also simulate the possibility of faults in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their removal. By using this simulator for HYP - 1 training, we offer extremely busy customers, carry out training without the additional costs of traveling and also significantly reduce the time of absence at the workplace.
  • Tailor-made training in your plant
    In addition to the standard training offer, you can take advantage of the training center services in the form of tailor-made individual training, exactly according to your requirements, in addition to your plant.
  • Audiovisual technology for perfect presentation
    There is audio-visual presentation technology and a special camera for detailed display of the internal construction of individual elements.
  • Quality instructor team
    Lecturers are CHVALIS staff with appropriate education and practical experience in the operation and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. For some selected courses, delegated, qualified external co-specialists in the field are delegated.
  • Time flexibility for course participants  

The basic training is three days and you can, in agreement with the lecturer, choose to attend the training as a whole or only on individual days and in different weeks.

  • What to expect from CHVALIS?
    • he training is focused on practical exercises, but also deals with the basics of theory
    • participants in basic courses do not necessarily have a technical education
    • audiovisual and presentation technology
    • high-quality lecturing team with practical experience
    • special training aids and samples
    • the treadmills work in small groups
    • internationally valid Parker certificate for successful graduates
    • textbooks, stationery, all-day refreshments included in the course price
    • maximum number of participants is 8 persons
    • we can arrange accommodation for participants in the training center (not included in the price of the training)
  • Courses according to internationally recognized standards by Parker Hannifin Corp.
    The CHVALIS Education Center is part of a worldwide network of Parker Certified Education Centers.

When building the training center in 2006, we took advantage of 16 years of our experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including experience from Parker Hannifin Corp.

Take advantage of our services and try our training a little differently!


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