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PARKER hydraulic components

Since 1992 CHVALIS Ltd. is certified distributor and service centre of Parker Hannifin Corp. We supply complete range of hydraulic, pneumatic, filtering components and fittings.

Parker Hydraulic Technology Center

You can buy everything you need for your industrial hydraulics from a distributor that has built the "Hydraulic Technology Center" (Parker). These centers have experts who can provide you with technical assistance, support and full service systems for all your industrial hydraulics requirements. Parker created HTC to meet the changing needs of industrial customers while increasing the level of service provided by Parker distributors.

HTC Parker was chosen because it is committed to providing exceptional customer service along with a complete solution for hydraulic industrial systems. In addition, HTC Parker has the largest stock of hydraulic components to ensure fast delivery and reduced equipment.

HTC Parker can help with rapid machine and equipment development, prototype validation, and the seamless yet seamless integration of state-of-the-art hydraulic and electronic systems. At Parker Technology Centers, you'll find: state-of-the-art design and technology, local and global product range, system application techniques, technical support and industry leading training.



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