Complex care of hydraulic fluids, tank clearing and filtering of hydraulic fluids

Our primary goal is to increase reliability of your equipment and subsequent reduction of your losses in production.

Complex care of hydraulic fluids is one of the basic tools helping to achieve this goal. Quality of hydraulic fluids substantially affect the durability and reliability of the whole hydraulic system. Our goal is achieving optimal quality of hydraulic fluids.


We are using diagnostics systems Parker CM20 (Portable Particle Counter) and Parker H2Oil (water content polluting) for this purpose.

This basic information about cleanliness and water content of hydraulic fluids is supplemented by data from tests carried out by laboratories.

We collect all the data and we are monitoring trends and value of each parameter.

We create the results of the analysis into so-called „Protocols of cleanliness“, which are presented to our customer.


Filtration of HYDRAULIC oils

In case of need, we are setting corrective action in form of external filtration „Bypass“ or after consultation with our customer we supply the current filter with more efficient and effective components, which will ensure the required cleanliness of hydraulic fluid to required level.

At the same time we try to identify potential sources of contamination, which are systematically preventively removed after settlement with our customer.

For external Bypass of the filtration we are using Mobile Filtrating units CHVALIS Type 3A, 6A, 7A, 9A, 10A and multifunction device Parker PVS 600 , which are equipped with powerful and efficient Parker filters. In the implementation of the filter material with „Depth effect“, and the effectiveness of the filter material with a high so-called “BETA coefficient“. We are using standard filtering ability of filter elements PARKER with 2 micron, which fully meets the demanding requirements for efficient external bypass-filter with fast effect and desired class of liquid cleanness.