Complex care of hydraulic fluids, tank cleaning and oil filtering

All machinery requires continuous care, which increases its operational reliability. The operator thus reduces the risk of accidents and machine shutdown and subsequent unwanted losses.

We offer you permanent and preventive care for hydraulic, pneumatic and lubricant systems of your equipment.

To ensure the effective maintenance of this form long-term contract is usually concluded, which is „tailored to the needs of the customer“.

Complex care of hydraulic fluids, tank cleaning and oil filtering

Our primary goal is to increase reliability of your equipment and subsequent reduction of your losses of stoppage. One of the basic tools helping to achieve this objective is Complex care of hydraulic fluids.

The level of hydraulic fluids quality substantially affects the durability and reliability of the whole hydraulic system. Our goal is to achieve optimal level of fluids quality. We are using diagnostics systems Parker CM20 (Portable Particle Counter) and Parker H2Oil (water content polluting) for this purpose.

This basic information about cleanliness and water content of hydraulic fluids is supplemented by data from tests carried out by laboratories. We collect all the data and we are monitoring trends and value of each parameter.

In case of need we are setting corrective action (such as filtering, etc.). At the same time we are trying to identify potential sources pollutions and systematically removing them.

Diagnostics of hydraulic systems

With help of diagnostic system Parker SensoControl we are prepared to detect variations in function of hydraulic system (measuring pressure, flow and temperature), technical condition (wearing) of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. We provide this service within the emergency service and maintenance